The Star Wars Extended Universe

Unlike Alyssa, I have not delved into the Star Wars expanded universe. Should I?

Also, did anyone watch the new Clone Wars animated series?

P.S. This is the extra-expanded Star Wars universe:

I never had any Star Wars Legos. Thankfully I have children who will someday have Star Wars Legos so that I can play with them.

Erik Kain

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  1. You could read the “Republic Commando” series, and then read the author’s comments, where she repeatedly denies that she’s written Dark Side apologia.

  2. I just finished the latest season of the Clone Wars cartoon series. As a big Star Wars fan I think it is fantastic. It covers the period between Episode II and III. The stories are good, the animation is absolutely beautiful and it’s slated for 5 seasons so there should be tons of plot development. I would highly recommend it (also, at just 30 minutes per episode it’s highly digestible).

    • I have heard similar from friends. “Dude. This series is what we were daydreaming about in the 80’s when we thought about the prequels.”

      If you *REALLY* want to immerse yourself in the universe, there’s always Knights of the Old Republic…

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