Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Trailer

Okay this looks amazing (via):


Alyssa Rosenberg writes:

More representation for strong girls and women in pop culture is always a good thing, but for Pixar, it’s particularly important. The company’s earned its outstanding track record by putting out movies that beautifully encapsulate universal human values and experience: loneliness, aging, love, ambition. And until now, the person who has always been the vehicle for those universal and powerful human conditions, for that powerful audience response, has been a man or a boy. It’s long overdue to have a woman take on that role. Having her embody courage makes up for that lag a little bit.

Maybe because I’m a guy, but I’ve never even thought about the fact that Pixar has never had a female lead. Then again, many of Disney’s animated films have had female leads, so it’s possible that amidst that larger catalog I simply never thought much about it. Or maybe it’s because they’ve had so many really great female characters in prominent (though not lead) roles.

Either way, a Pixar fantasy set in a Scottish-looking world full of castles and bears and a curly haired, red-headed, bow-wielding adventurer in the lead?


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  1. Jesus. The first comment showing on YouTube right now is:

    I got uninterested as soon as the hood was pulled of. [sic]
    Th3Ghilli3dUppSniper 17 hours ago [1699 likes]


      • The average IQ is 100.

        For every person with an IQ of 115, there is someone with an IQ of 85 (though, granted, it’s a lot easier to get three standard deviations to the right than to the left because moving that far to the left usually entails physical problems).

        It’s easy for those of us ensconced in our two-to-three-to-four standard deviations to the right communities to forget that, nope, the average IQ is 100.

        So read those youtube video comments.

        • Are you saying that it now requires above-average intelligence to watch a cartoon?

          Or to say it more directly, there’s a difference between being intelligent and not being a blindly prejudiced fishhole.

          • There are folks for whom it would require above-average intelligence to *WANT* to.

            And they are the ones who you want to buy in to your movie to make the difference between “Awesome opening weekend!” and “Well, that didn’t work.”

          • Kill Bill did pretty well, so I think there’s a market for kick-ass females.

        • For every person with an IQ of 115, there is someone with an IQ of 85…

          and it is people in the latter category who leave the overwhelming majority of comments on YouTube.


          • I admit to missing when the interbutt hadn’t yet regressed to the mean. Or *QUITE* this much, anyway.

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