The Knights of Badassdom

Okay, this looks great:


It reminds me a little bit of Role Models and the big battle scene at the end of that movie.

Then again, watching the trailer part of me was hoping they would transport themselves into some fantasy world where they’d be emerged in some comic adventure rather than have a demon woman enter their world – but beggars can’t be choosers right? Still, comic horror has had its turn. Comic fantasy is still majorly under-represented.

Erik Kain

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    • I’m a little worried by the whole “LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!” thing. I mean, we already had “hilarious Internet meme turned into a movie”, and it was “Snakes on a Plane”, and it was laaaaaaaame. (I’m talkin’ fifth-season ‘Night Court’ lame.)

  1. Woah. The first minute-and-a-half (until they get to the real story) is almost exactly like an anime fandub parody I was a part of. Right down to the shrooms reference.

  2. I can’t tell if this is a (awesome!) fake movie or a real one.

    When I look it up online, it is on Wikipedia and imbd, but there is no production company listed.

    Could this be a cruel hoax?

    • I think it is. Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones turning right around and doing a goofy fantasy movie that’s directly geared towards Comicon people… just seems off. Your research clinches it for me.

      • Or maybe not. Gosh. Dinklage’s presence may just be fortuitous. And an entry is more than nothing, even if really scarce on details. But for a movie that’s already been made? Argh!

        • It’s real. Here’s Alyssa Rosenberg:

          I’m glad to see Peter Dinklage is getting to put his training as Tyrion Lannister to dual use. Ditto with Danny Pudi and Abed. Steve Zahn is just plain wonderful. Add in Sommer Glau and it’s pretty hard to believe this isn’t some dorky fan video that someone cut together.

          But it’s not.

          I trust she knows what she’s talking about.

  3. It’s real. The company making it is Indievest. If you google some more you’ll see the trailer was shown in Hall H at Comic-Con with the director and cast on hand to talk about it.

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