Noah Millman Is Blogging At The American Conservative

Some of my favorite conservative writers blog for The American Conservative – Rod Dreher, Daniel Larison, Daniel McArthy to name a few – and now one of my favorite liberals is blogging there, too. Noah Millman has been blogging at The American Scene for years and now has his very own digs at AmConMag.

As pleased as I am by this, the comments on his introduction post make me a little sad. Frankly, as good as the publication is on war, it’s still got a pretty solid portion of anti-immigration advocates in its readership. And while the really questionable voices on the right tend to flock to publications like Taki Mag or Alternative Right or VDare, etc. there are obviously still some of that contingent at The American Conservative.

It’s too bad, really, but it is what it is. I still think there really isn’t a great liberal, anti-war, broadly pro-market publication out there. There are market-friendly rags like TNR, but they’re generally more hawkish. The more anti-war liberal pubs out there are typically very anti-market. Then, of course, there are the libertarian magazines but they’re hostile to things like universal healthcare and other issues that liberals tend to care about.

Is this a niche we could exploit?

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Erik Kain

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