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Tim Kowal is a husband, father, and attorney in Orange County, California, Vice President of the Orange County Federalist Society, commissioner on the OC Human Relations Commission, and Treasurer of Huntington Beach Tomorrow. The views expressed on this blog are his own. You can follow this blog via RSS, Facebook, or Twitter. Email is welcome at timkowal at gmail.com.


  1. I’ve never been overly impressed with Harris’ The Moral Landscape and his related efforts to expound a secular morality. He wrote a lucid commentary about religion in society over the course of his first two books, but hasn’t offered deep thought since.

    I guess I have to give him credit for at least trying to do something more interesting and thought-provoking than arguing that there is no evidence for God and therefore there is no reason for human beings to make social policy choices based on ancient holy books. This was a good argument and a worthwhile one to make.

    So I wish he had stopped there. By trying to go further than that, he’s making the rest of us non-believers look pretty darn shallow and pretentious.

    • Isn’t it shallow and pretentious to speak for other non-believers?

  2. You make statements without explaining why. If you could back up the critique w/ one valid point then what you wrote could make sense. You simply placing a statement w/out explaining why makes you sound shallow and pretentious.

    Then again, I am bothering w/ my time to respond.

  3. This sounds like yet another one of those critiques of the Moral Landscape coming from someone who did not actually read the book itself. Did you?

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