Slim Pickings in California’s 47th Congressional District

The OC Register reports that among the three Republican candidates for the newly drawn 47th district, straddling southern Los Angeles and northern Orange Counties, are Los Alamitos Councilman Troy Edgar and Long Beach Councilman Gary DeLong.  You might recognize those names from this very blog: 

Last week I wrote about my recent legal victory over the City of Los Alamitos who, after three members of the council took generous donations from a trash hauler, ignored the city’s competitive bidding ordinance and awarded an exclusive $21.9 million 10-year municipal trash hauling contract to that same company.  Among the councilmembers on the take:  Troy Edgar. 

I also recently wrote about how the Long Beach City Council engaged in a thinly-veiled scheme to oust my father, Mike Kowal—the favored (and at the time, the only) candidate from Long Beach’s 8th District—from his own district, thus preventing him from running in next year’s election.  Among those voting in favor of that late-night, “substitute substitute” motion:  Gary DeLong. 

So if you’re in the 47th, give Steve Kuykendall a look.

Tim Kowal

Tim Kowal is a husband, father, and attorney in Orange County, California, Vice President of the Orange County Federalist Society, commissioner on the OC Human Relations Commission, and Treasurer of Huntington Beach Tomorrow. The views expressed on this blog are his own. You can follow this blog via RSS, Facebook, or Twitter. Email is welcome at timkowal at