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boring white guy
I know how much you love quoting unnamed Romney advisors, so here’s a Republican official familiar with your campaign selection process, told the folks at Politico, you are looking for a quote, “Incredibly boring white guy for your vice presidential nominee.” Can you confirm or deny?

other boring white guy

You told me you were not available…

If it turns out Romney actually has a sense of humor, this one’s over.

Tom Van Dyke

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    • Agree, MikeS. Mitt’s wit has been very well-concealed to this point, let’s say. Even this supporter leans to crediting his writers. Mostly, I liked the ju-jitsu on Brian Williams. Next time, they won’t be so insolent.

    • After seeing the youtube, it’s a great line, but reads better than it was delivered. (he needed a pause to make it a real zinger)

  1. David Cameron got in a pretty sharp riposte at Romney’s expense today. When asked whether London was ready for the Olympics tomorrow Romney expressed concerns about a security contractor seemingly short-staffed and customs agents threatening to strike

    PM Cameron later said that it would be a whole lot easier holding the Olympics in the middle of nowhere.

    • True. Cameron caught Mitt with his hand in the cookie jar, trying to cash in saving the Utah Olympics. He scored, but only if the Games go on without a hitch.

      Frankly, holding the Olympics in an overbuilt city like London seems stupid to me. By contrast, the Los Anngeles Olympics used existing facilities all over SoCal, and I think they only had to build a handful of new facilities. LA was undisrupted, and the whole damn thing made a profit.

      If this were to be intelligently argued—which it won’t be, the media being who and what they are [NPR gave the Mitt the shaft on this today]—I’d rather Mitt’s side of it. His Olympics in the middle of nowhere broke at least even, London’s are a vanity production.

      Most Olympic host cities get racked with enormous debt. For example, it took Montreal 30 years to pay off the $2.7 billion it owed from hosting the 1976 Olympics. One of the factors that helped fuel the current Greek economic crisis was the $11 billion spent on the 2004 Games, an amount that nearly doubled the originally proposed budget. So, it should be no surprise that after the Games are over, London will be stuck with a massive bill despite setting aside £9.3 billion ($14.4 billion). This is especially galling given the budget cuts and austerity measures already enacted and being proposed by UK leaders.

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