The Obama-Homnick Debates 2012

My pal and erstwhile Reform Club blogbrother Jay D. Homnick eastwoods the president here in never before seen footage!





Uninstalling Obama……… █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete.

Tom Van Dyke

Tom Van Dyke, businessman, musician, bon vivant and game-show champ (The Joker's Wild, and Win Ben Stein's Money), knows lots of stuff, although not quite everything yet. A past contributor to The American Spectator Online, the late great Reform Club blog, and currently on religion and the American Founding at American Creation, TVD continues to write on matters of both great and small importance from his ranch type style tract house high on a hill above Los Angeles.


  1. Watching the debate tonight? He’s right, Obamacare is a bad law. We need health care reform but not a government takeover of the our health care and the entire health care industry.

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