California Governor Jerry Brown vetoes ski helmet mandate, language bill, and higher cell phone fines: “Not every human problem deserves a law”

In the comments to my recent piece on the new babysitter legislation on its way to becoming law in California, co-blogger Tom Van Dyke mentioned that Gov. Jerry Brown “has a righteous spark.”  The very next day, Gov. Brown proved… Continue Reading

Amazon Shuts Down Affiliates in Response to California’s Use Tax Law

As you probably know, sales tax is typically not assessed on internet sales crossing state lines.  Under the Supreme Court’s Commerce Clause doctrine, states are generally prohibited from requiring out-of-state retailers from collecting “use” taxes for sales to in-state residents. … Continue Reading

The Role of the Prison Guards Union in California’s Troubled Prison System

Jailing is big business.  California spends approximately $9 billion a year on its correctional system, and hosts one in seven of the nation’s prisoners.  It has the largest prison population of any state.  The number of correctional facilities, the amount… Continue Reading