Holy cow! Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Maribou has to write *THE PAPER* this weekend. All of the other papers were silly trifles of things compared to this particular paper. As much as I needed to get out of her way for the others, that was just practice for my getting out of the way of this one.

So I’m going to get a bottle of wine and order a pizza and hunker down in front of the XBox and hope that she needs little more than me continuing to stay out of her way. And Laundry, of course.

Saturday will be devoted to errands while she recovers and Sunday will be spent with the nephews doing an Easter Egg hunt (and celebrating Maribou’s birthday a week early with them).

Given that this was one of those weeks that was more like a marathon than a sprint, I’m very, very much looking forward to the next few days.

So… what’s on your docket?


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    • That sounds yummy. I’ve never tried ginger ice cream, but I love carrot cake!

      Happy (early) birthday!

  1. Working out, beer, and the Masters today.
    Working out and Passover seder on Saturday.
    Easter brunch and then more beer and Masters on Sunday.

    G’luck Maribou!

  2. Our second annual friends and family seder. (About which my son said “Why? We had one last year.”)

      • There was an accident with an afikomen and a time machine.

  3. The Better Half is in the God biz, so it’s a very, very busy weekend for us. I will be doing lots of Critter wrangling, and maybe trying to squeeze in a run tomorrow. And then it’s off to the Better Half’s family home for Easter after all the services are done.

  4. What Haggadahs are everyone using? I’m on the market for a new one…

    • We used this one: . It worked well, for a seder that’s pretty informal and led by someone who’d inexperienced at it (i.e. me).

  5. JB-

    OT, but cuious to hear your thoughts on NYS planning to suspend the XBox live accounts of registerd sex offenders after a 12-year-old was molested by a fellow gamer (not clear if the accused was a registered offender or not). A lot of issues at play here…


    • Hoo boy. That’s a front page kinda post. I’ll ruminate on it this weekend and have something up later.

      • Awesome! I knew you were the guy. When I heard the report on the radio, I thought, “What would Jaybird blog?” (WWJBB?)

        • Oh, I definitely need to add that you should prepare to be disappointed. At first glance, this strikes me as a case where my position is likely to be stereotypically libertarian/gamer without any additional insight above and beyond that provided if one is not familiar with the stereotypical libertarian/gamer position.

          • I doubt I’ll be disappointed. Personally, I have no idea what the typical “gamer” position would be. I have a hunch as to the libertarian position, which is the one I defaulted to and likely would take up arms in defense BUT there is a part of me that thinks it might not be that simple. Or, at least, that there might be some unconsidered issues at play here that might make another position more valid. Of course, this might be fueled by the same type of ignorance that led to the initial action by the state that largely amounts to, “OH MY GOD A NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!”

  6. Opening night tonight! The audience dress rehearsal went well last night, so I’m feeling ready.

      • TY–it was our best performance yet, except for Jesus kind of bumbling the last supper.

        “You’d better bite into this, it’s my blood.
        You’d better bite into this, it’s my….this is my body…and, uhm, drink my blood.”

        Other than that and the fact that I keep inexplicably looking up into the sky instead of around when I’m playing Jesus’ daddy looking for him at the temple (when he’s 12 and is preaching to everyone). Why the hell a lost boy (who’s not actually a Lost Boy might be flying around in the air is a bit of a mystery, but as I keep trying to explain to my laughing cast members, Jesus is a bit different from all the neighbor boys.

  7. It’s also the first weekend of baseball, of course. Hope springs eternal, even without a middle infielder who can bat his weight.

          • That is sort of what I was getting at. Maybe I’m pigeonholing myself and/or selling LoOG members short, but my hunch is that might be the best area for me to contribute something new and different. Email me if you have a real interest…

    • 0-2 now, with the offense doing just fine and the starting pitching falling down.

      My recipe for shutting up Kristol, Ledeen, and the rest of that ilk: predict one season of baseball correctly, and then maybe we’ll listen to you about the consequences of starting yet another war.

  8. Multiple family gatherings and numerous egg hunts with the toddler. I think he is he signed up for 4 now. He is into competitive sports.
    And sleep.

  9. I have chores and more chores.

    However, Sunday I get to host the Easter dinner of my dreams – lamb roast, carrots, peas and fingerling potatoes, brie, crackers and fresh fruit, mint juleps and a pecan pie (Mrs. P. insisted on that last one, it doesn’t seem very Spring-ish to me).

  10. Coffee, then garden work planting raspberry, blue berry, and black berries

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