It looks like our blog is a’changin’ and this could well be the last post to it. Until I forget and accidentally post something, that is.

Now, we *WILL* continue to mindlessly divert, but we’ll be doing it *HERE* henceforth.

This ain’t “good-bye”. This is “see you over there!”


Jaybird is Birdmojo on Xbox Live and Jaybirdmojo on Playstation's network. He's been playing consoles since the Atari 2600 and it was Zork that taught him how to touch-type. If you've got a song for Wednesday, a commercial for Saturday, a recommendation for Tuesday, an essay for Monday, or, heck, just a handful a questions, fire off an email to

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  1. 🙁 I’ve enjoyed our time together. I’ll see you over there.

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