Three Reasons Not To Get Worked Up Over Citizens United

Nick Gillespie makes a similar point about weakening party control as I made here in his third point in the above video. My own take on Stephen Colbert’s lampooning Citizens United is here.

I also like the point that Nick makes about negative ads. Why should we be positive about our potential elected officials?

I’d also point out that like any other form of advertisement, many people just tune these out, change the channel or fast-forward the TiVo.

Video via The Dish.

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What’s a Liberaltarian?

That’s the latest question asked of Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, the authors of the new libertarian manifesto, Declaration of Independents. They have an ongoing Youtube Q & A going on at Hit & Run.

They were also kind of enough to send me a review copy. It’s good so far, too! I’ll have more to say on it when I’m finished.

I think liberaltarianism is still the most likely political coalition going forward, or at least I hope so, as social conservatism fades, and free markets and technology continue to change the world for the better.