A swing and a miss!

So there appears to be a tumblr full of “awesome people hanging out together,” which I learned about thanks to Andrew Sullivan.  (The picture he chose was of Neil Patrick Harris and Stephen Colbert [who are deeply awesome] and Christina Hendricks [who is amazingly beautiful and quite possibly awesome but I don’t know because I don’t watch “Mad Men”].)

After passing part of a slow afternoon scrolling through, I’ve decided that “awesome” is a deeply subjective term.  Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein?  Awesome.  On the other hand…

Whoopsie! It seems that, in addition to Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Louis Malle (all of whom are awesome) and Claude Lelouch (who may be awesome, for all I know), some rapist has snuck into the shot there on the far right. I guess “awesome people hanging out together with the occasional reprehensible bit of slime” is too wordy?

Russell Saunders

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