Memo to Michele Bachmann

When even Rush Limbaugh has backed away from your lunacy, maybe it’s not a great idea to double down.

“Michele, on behalf of myself and a lot of other mothers that have a child that’s sick from the Gardasil vaccine, I would like to thank you for the attention that you brought to it,” Julie Wepple said, according to the Des Moines Register.

Bachmann thanked Wepple for bringing up the vaccine issue. “Parents have to make that decision for their kids because it isn’t the schools that are going to follow up with Jessica,” she said. “It isn’t the schools that live with Jessica every day. It’s Jessica who’s having to have her body live with the ravages of this vaccine.”

Again, I know I can’t convince people who would listen to this lunatic.  What amazes me is that she apparently thinks this is a winning issue, or that siphoning votes from the floundering Rick Perry is going to reverse her political fortunes.  Maybe she’s angling for a job with Generation Rescue?

Russell Saunders

Russell Saunders is the ridiculously flimsy pseudonym of a pediatrician in New England. He has a husband, three sons, daughter, cat and dog, though not in that order. He enjoys reading, running and cooking. He can be contacted at blindeddoc using his Gmail account. Twitter types can follow him @russellsaunder1.


  1. For a while I thought Bachmann was an opportunistic pol that was brilliantly tapping into the Tea Party angst. I am more and more coming to the opinion that she is just bats**t crazy.

    Such a waste. She really is smart, talented and charismatic.

    • Tod, go with your first instincts. She’s been beaten, abused, mutilated, mentally raped by all the usual intellectually homeless vagabonds and yet she’s still standing strong. I can only hope I get the honor of pulling the lever for this charming woman. Among the many vile personality characteristics Liberals have, the worst of all has to be their sadistic love of gang raping and smearing good, honest, sincere people. I’m still trying to get an answer regarding the “Liberal” gene, DRD4. Would it be morally correct and proper to abort an embryo because it was more likely to be genetically predisposed to being a Liberal? I find it to be an interesting dilemma. While opposed to abortion under just about all circumstances, the one justifiable exception might be because of this dopamine receptor gene called DRD, also known as the Liberal gene and is packed with liberal information. I’d have to think long and hard about this. Can we all agree that Liberalism is a mental disease and disorder every bit as bad as the multitude of other congenital disorders? Thank you, I knew most of you would probably be on my side of this discussion.

      To have to go through life with this profoundly distressing disease is tantamount to sentencing them to a life of truly cruel and unusual punishment. In my entire life, I can think of only one Liberal I’ve liked and had great respect for-Daniel Patrick Moynihan. A great and thoughtful man with a heart of gold, RIP. If a woman can get an abortion right up to the last seconds of delivery because of a change of mind for no particular reason, then why not have the same right as aborting an embryo because the poor thing might turn into a Rahm Emanuel? Or a Billy Ayers?
      Or a Barney Frank? Or, God forbid, a Nancy Pelosi? I know, terrible, terrifying thoughts better left to nightmares.

      I think for the first time, this is a subject we can almost all agree upon.

      • I’ve been in a good mood over the past day, amigo. But one more comment like this, and you can count on having all of your contributions immediately deleted, as per my previous practice with you.

        You want to ramble incoherently about whichever bat is flitting about your belfry at any given moment? Get your own damn blog.

        • Well Doctor, I’m surprised and somewhat saddened by your remarks. Rather strong, I might add considering the subject. I was hoping you might be able to weigh in on this subject without it getting personal. Regardless, I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on the issues I brought up. I suppose, at this point, i should just be happy the good Doctor hasn’t had me sent to a Mengele-type surgeon to get my mind right. Check list:on topic. Check. Not offensive, check. Polite: check. And here I thought we could be friends.
          See ya later.

    • That’s the problem with all these people who have positions that seem, on their face, strongly favorable to libertarian idealists. Then the specific implementations come out and it’s like, really guys? Really?

      “We think that states should be allowed to handle their own security!” says the governor of Arizona, and we’re all like “yeah!”, and then she says “we plan to do this by having the cops hassle everyone with thick eyebrows, a swarthy complexion, and a baseball cap!”, and we’re all like “…yeah.”

      “We think that states should be allowed to set their own education policy without interference from a Federal government that is too bureaucratic to respond to local needs!”, and we’re all like “sounds great!”, and then it’s “our first goal is to teach the controversy regarding evolutionary theory and require that intelligent design be presented as an alternative!”, and we’re all like “…no!”

  2. Michele Bachmann is my congressman; she got elected by spending more money on her campaign than any other congressional candidate in the country. The woman is a pathological liar, and probably paranoid schizophrenic. She is a first-class hypocrite, a fraud, and an unending embarrassment to my state. Anyone who believes anything she says should have their head examined. I don’t believe this story about the girl who got sick off the HPV vaccine. It sounds like the same nonfactual malarkey christian groups have been spouting about flu and meningitis vaccines for 20 years. If this “Julie Wepple’s” story is even remotely true, it sounds like her daughter has a serious neurological disorder, which often present in puberty, and is most likely hereditary. Until a doctor comes forward and presents real scientific data showing that the vaccine caused this condition, I wouldn’t believe it for a second. Anyone who knows anything about what’s in a vaccine shouldn’t either.

    Vaccines contain live viruses of the disease the vaccine prevents, that have been weakened through chemical exposure, radiation, or the immune system of another animal (cows and pigs most often). The weakened virus is genetically and structurally identical to the unaltered organism, but is less mobile and unable to multiply (reproduce). When introduced into your body, your immune system reacts destroy the foreign organism, by sending in white blood cells. Now, white blood cells identify foreign invaders by the protein markers in the viruses cell wall/membrane. When a new foreign organism is detected, it takes your immune system sometime to learn to identify it. That is where the vaccine comes in. It gives your immune system a chance to identify the new virus, without the virus being able to multiply and spread throughout your body. The HPV vaccine only effects the bloodstream, tissue around the injection site, and the local immune system, NOT THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. The very notion is simply ridiculous.

    Personally, I believe this is just a hoax; a desperate gimmick to get attention and support for a failing campaign that was a lost cause from the start. Until I see independent proof that this sick girl even exists, which I doubt, I choose to believe that this is nothing more than a n elaborate (and poorly done) show for those unintelligent enough to support this train wreck.

  3. I’d still vote for her over this:

    “The woman is a pathological liar, and probably paranoid schizophrenic. She is a first-class hypocrite, a fraud, and an unending embarrassment to my state. Anyone who believes anything she says should have their head examined.”

    Anybody who talks like this is unfit for civil company, let alone public office.

    As for the vaccine thing, yes, she erred, and walked it back. She is not presidential timber, but in a Congress that holds Dennis Kucinich and Sheila Jackson Lee, she’ll do.

      • You have a category error going on there greg, if they’re right wing they cannot, by definition, be trolls. Possibly over the top, eccentric or mischevious but not trolls.

        • hmmm you might be right, i’ll have to get my Marx and Lenin reader out to see what they say.

      • I’m getting douchebagged here, but I can’t keep track of it all. Yes, Russell, she walked it back not enough. That’s why she will return from protest candidate to being a backbencher, and still a better one than Kucinich and Jackson Lee and let’s add the corrupt and demagogic Maxine Waters, from my own neck of the woods.

        You guys really gotta keep up with the news beyond what the establishment sees fit to tell you. Bachmann was dead meat since September when she blew the vaccine thing in the first place, as if she were ever a potential nominee in the first place. Not.

        Geez, dudes, stop the bottom feeding. Gingrich is your next target. Get to work!

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