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Elizabeth Picciuto was born and reared on Long Island, and, as was the custom for the time and place, got a PhD in philosophy. She freelances, mainly about disability, but once in a while about yeti. Mother to three children, one of whom is disabled, two of whom have brown eyes, three of whom are reasonable cute, you do not want to get her started talking about gardening.


  1. Why do you keep using this re He would have warned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that James Franco was a bad idea, if only someone had asked, in your articles. Is this the only way to draw attention to your site.

    Because, as I understand, Bill Crystal also received mixed reviews when he hosted this year and he wasn’t actually the saviour of the Oscars even though he had undertaken the task 8 times previously plus most people with legitmate common sense have moved on. So what’s the deal? Looking forward to your response.

    • I believe you are a) confusing me with my co-blogger, b) confusing his bio with repeated posts on the same topic, and c) confusing an offhand joke with a way to draw eyes to our site.

    • Well, Rose has pretty much handled this already so there’s probably no point in my bothering.

      You are right about most people with common sense moving on. If only I were one of them. No, I wake every morning, drop to my knee and scream “Fraaaaaaancooooooooooooo!” Kind of like this, but with more gravitas.

    • I also think we’ve found that writing about new policies of the AAP and severely disabled children is far more effective at generating wide interest than gorgeous Hollywood actors.

      • Appreciate the response regarding the confusion Rose and what you do for AAP/severely disabled children, yes more should always be done. It wasn’t really about some goregous Hollywood actors, it just seem like lame attack. I would have said the same thing if the guy/lady was ugly and not in Hollywood. Maybe, it’s just me but I think this site might do with a better layout plan. It’s missing something for me not to spot, it just something to think about.

        As for Russell, we both agree you don’t have common sense, so it’s pointless going further in greater detail. Not a bad pick of talent to drop to your knees for though.

        • While your loyalty is touching, Mrs. Franco, James is a big boy now and can fight his own battles.

        • Charming, realtime.

          Given that (unless I am greatly mistaken) you are the first commenter to class up the joint by making reference to fellatio at my site, perhaps I can be forgiven if yours are not the opinions most meaningful to me.

          • Huh.

            So is James Franco the Hollywood version of Ron Paul? If we start doing more posts on Franco, will we start attracting people writing in all caps about how James is humanity’s last hope?

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