Light posting

Light posting this week. We are visiting family and I’m caring for the young ones while my husband cranks out a chapter and does online teaching. If only Russell had thought to do a post that aroused a lot of passions! Sadly, Blinded Trials will have to be dull as dishwater until my return. Back soon.

Rose Woodhouse

Elizabeth Picciuto was born and reared on Long Island, and, as was the custom for the time and place, got a PhD in philosophy. She freelances, mainly about disability, but once in a while about yeti. Mother to three children, one of whom is disabled, two of whom have brown eyes, three of whom are reasonable cute, you do not want to get her started talking about gardening.


  1. If only Russell had thought to do a post that aroused a lot of passions!

    Now you tell me! *smacks self on forehead*

    Hurry back. Your manifold fans await.

  2. Shouldn’t parents know best how much posting should be considered light and how much should be considered heavy? This western prejudice against alternative theories of meme transmission would be laughable if there weren’t so many people out there without the memes that would help them. I was going to be twins but I am told that I strangled my brother in the womb. Who knows what would have happened if my parents had access to more information, more folklore, more memes instead of less?

    People have been telling each other stories in rural China for hundreds of years without benefit of the internet. Something to think about.

  3. I’ve missed you and noticed all the rainbows. Have fun!
    Yes, if only.

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