Love Has No Time Constraints

Avery Lynn Canahuati, the five-month-old with spinal muscular atrophy whom I wrote about on Saturday, passed away Monday afternoon due to pulmonary complications.  She had been expected to live another 18 months, so her sudden death came as a shock.  No words can suffice for such a time as this, but I will echo the wisdom Erik wrote to me a few years back: love is not constrained by time.  Avery’s parents, Laura and Michael, lived and continue to live this simple truth.  If there is real meaning to life, it is this: love has no time constraints.  We love eternally in and for what time we’re given.  My thoughts today are with the Canahuati family.


Kyle Cupp

Kyle Cupp is a freelance writer who blogs about culture, philosophy, politics, postmodernism, and religion. He is a contributor to the group Catholic blog Vox Nova. Kyle lives with his wife, son, and daughter in North Texas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. They have my sincerest sympathy.