Moments in Parenting When You Don’t Know What to Say

When I first held my firstborn son and gazed into his innocent eyes, I knew that the world would corrupt him, so I decided then and there to do everything in my power to corrupt him myself.  To this end, I introduced him, a few years later, to toilet humor.  I made some crack about poop or something, expecting a giggle or a grin.  Instead, the boy looked at me with an expression of puzzlement and curiosity, and said, in a voice suggesting a subtle note of disappointment, “Dad, why are you being inappropriate?”

Kyle Cupp

Kyle Cupp is a freelance writer who blogs about culture, philosophy, politics, postmodernism, and religion. He is a contributor to the group Catholic blog Vox Nova. Kyle lives with his wife, son, and daughter in North Texas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. Rodak says:

    The career of a Poop Coach is a brief one.

  2. Miss Mary says:

    He sounds brilliant!!
    Isn’t that always the way it works out? You want to corrupt your kid, they turn out to be an angel. You want them to be an angel, someone else negatively influences them.