Dead Space 3 Demo Impression​s

(This is a guest post from our very own Pyre!)

Issac Clarke has head texturing that goes back to Tekken 4.  Especially the ears. I hope he keeps his helmet on a lot.

So, the necromorphs now start off in human form and then mutate other limbs?  Is the DS3 team and RE6 team exchanging notes?

Oh, goshdangit.  Not the “stomp corpses for loot” mechanic again.  Guys, nobody really liked Infernal.  You should be copying Ratchet & Clank with your loot mechanic.

Hurm.  It’s a QTE but it basicly involves the game telling me to climb up and press A to not die so I guess that’s okay.

Glad the bulldozer stopped the storm.  Planet looks nice in an “sunlight on an H.R. Geiger landscape” kind of way.


Okay, weapon crafting.  It’s okay but this doesn’t seem to add a whole lot since I have to use two separate buttons for my new attachment.

Wait.  Snowy Arctic Planet.  Monsters with glowing weak spots.  I really am playing Lost Planet again.

So they were studying the necromorphs.  That always turns out well.

This.  Seriously, I could understand it in DS1 when you didn’t know you were going to turn into an unholy abomination but we’re a little past that.  How bad can life on earth be when this seems like a good religion?

Guys! Seriously!  Join the Catholics or the Muslims.  Hell, at this point, even Westboro Baptist Church looks like a better spiritual alternative.

I have no idea what somatic gel is but I sure get a lot of it.

Okay, the part where someone’s head runs over to a headless corpse and animates it is kinda gross.

So the humans and necros will ineptly fight each other as long as you stay out of sight.  Good to know.

Enough with the elevators already.

Ah.  So I get to just craft one uber-weapon over time. Well, at least, I won’t have to bother with too many weapon types.

Issac Clarke is the type of person who sticks his hand in an active lawnmower to unjam the blade, isn’t he?

Conclusion:  The demo feels more like Lost Planet with zombies and other yuck monsters.  They’ve dropped all pretense of being a horror game in favor of shooting critters.  If that’s what you want, then it’s worth a look.  However, the series has really jumped the shark.

Also, for the last time, I’d like to point out that even Umbrella’s employees know enough to stay away from the B.O.W.s as opposed to teaming up.  It’s a big fail when, right after you hear an audio clip of people being butchered by necros, the two ignore each other to attack you.


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  1. No religion.

    Anyway, EA has spectacularly ticked me off with their microtransactional handling of their various properties (among other things, of course).

    The story behind Dead Space was surprisingly good, the story behind Dead Space 2 had its moments (I still think that the first half hour was riveting and the game only turned to crap at the very end).

    I’m not going to be a day-one purchaser of the game. I think I can, at least, wait until it’s available used for a decent price.

  2. Yeah Dead Space the first was a beautiful game. The ship was in itself creepy, cool and haunting. The monsters are pretty frightening and the story was creepy cool. I had a couple of genuine fright moments playing it. Sad to hear it’s descendants have devolved into this.

    • In fairness, on some levels, it could never be as good again. Much as we’d all like to see Issac Clarke kart racing, we generally know that, when he shows up, we know that bad juju follows. So, in that sense, it really never could live up to the first one.

      Where I have a problem with the story and the game is how badly it’s being implemented. Using the Church of Altman as an example, we’ve gone from plausible disbelief (We found a marker but something weird is happening) to irrationality (Okay, we know what happened on Aegis 7 but we’re going to presume that it was all a big coincidence.) to just being completely unfeasible (My buddy just turned into a necromorph next to me and I’m oddly good with that.)

      Even the critters are getting lazier. The critter in the PA strip that is a bottom torso and three tentacles … that’s 100% accurate. You will see that in the demo.

      I’m glad I played the first even if it became a little predictable near the end. I’m really glad I played Extraction and bought the motion comic in book form. I’m okay with the first animated movie. But I think the same EA decision process that led to Command & Conquer 4 and made Jaybird boycott Bioware has infested this series.

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