Occasionally, on Friday nights mostly, I will post about wine for one reason or another.

Tonight I will post about Coppola Claret 2008.

The internet says that it costs about $21. $21?!? Don’t believe them. I got this one for $16.50 and I only paid that much because I went to the little local Mom & Pop store rather than the warehouse liquor store. I coulda got it for $15ish there.

The first time I tried it was a night that┬ámy friend Fish had┬ácome over to play some Rock Band. He sipped it and said “My goodness… it’s got no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever!” A couple weeks later, he was coming over and asked if I happened to have another bottle of it lying around.

I like it. It smells a little bit fruity and a little bit spicy and, like the man said, it’s got no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. Have it with delivery pizza and share it with a good friend. You won’t be disappointed.


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