So… what are you reading? Or, I suppose, what are you watching?

I just finished reading Jim Butcher’s _Side Jobs_, a collection of Harry Dresden short stories, in anticipation for the… let me google it… July¬†(IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE APRIL!!!)¬†release of _Ghost Story_. I’ve also got Season One of Fringe sitting on the couch just waiting for disc one to be put into the PS3 (I’ve said that I’m going to watch just the first couple of episodes every weekend for the last month and a half and I’ve only gotten as far as taking the plastic off from around the case).


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  1. The latest issue of The Atlantic and Steven Solomon’s Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization.

  2. Stalky & Company, having loaded up my new toy (a Kindle) with public domain stuff from to read on the plane to and from Buenos Aires. Also planning to get to The N-word of the Narcissus and The Jungle Books.

  3. For fun, the Aneid. For work, “Napoleon’s Egypt” by Juan Cole. The best part of my life is that fun and work overlap a lot in my venn diagram.

    • Is Napoleon’s Egypt any good?

      Prompted by the so-so movie adaptation with Channing Tatum, I’m re-reading Rosemary Sutcliff’s excellent young adult fiction series on Roman Britain. I’m finishing up Burr, and I just started on Robert Nisbet’s The Quest for Community.

      Fringe was a pleasant surprise, by the way. I’m really enjoying the second season.

      • I enjoyed the Cole book. He does a good job of playing the French and Egyptian sources off of one another, while making wry commentary on the wisdom of using the military to bring new governments to the middle east. A book that’s a bit more thorough on that topic, but just as lively, is Paul Strathern’s Napoleon in Egypt.

  4. “Within a Budding Grove.”

    God help me, I hope to make it through to “Time Regained” by the end of the year. (Helpful tips gratefully accepted.)

  5. Currently reading Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend, and watching season one of “Warehouse 13.” Triple thumbs up to Moon, and so far “meh” to “Warehouse 13.”

  6. Right now, I’m reading your blog. However, when I’m not at work, I’m reading Sinclair Lewis’s Elmer Gantry. I’m also reading a collection of legal history essays on “Freedom of Contract,” but I probably won’t finish it.

    As for watching, I’m working my way through Law & Order that I’ve been getting through Netflicks.* I’m now in season 6.

    *I’ve changed the spelling of the mail-order DVD rental company I use so as to make it impossible for people to guess what it is.

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