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    • I’ve taken a break from Minecraft. The process leaks RAM so fast that I black-screen every 10-15 minutes, generally losing everything I’ve done except my inventory which really sucks. I’m waiting for them to patch it up some more before I can brave it again.

  1. I’m finally getting around to playing Dragon Age. So far, I’m deeply impressed.

      • Human noble. I’m playing a warrior using the sword-and-shield style, mostly because I love sound and visual effects when she shield-bashes a big Hurlock.

        • That’s a good one.

          No spoilers: Each story starts off with the protagonist seeing a particular chicken kicked out of sight.

          There are various points in the game where we see the chickens come home to roost… the human noble’s chicken? Oh, that’s a good’un that roosts very well indeed.

  2. Sadly, I lost the thread with video games back in the Atari days and am playing nothing. However, I just wanted to say that I had that Godzilla with firing claw back in the day.

        • I might still have it somewhere. The Rodan was even cooler because its wings and claws worked and it made a horrible screeching noise when you opened its mouth. Alas, after a few years, the central rubberband broke and that killed him.

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