So… what are you playing?

I *FINALLY* beat Dragon Age II last night! Here’s the review in a nutshell: It is the first Bioware Game I have ever played where I did not immediately start playing it again the second the ending credits started. Well, I *DID* create a second character but I don’t think I’m going to beat it again for a few months. Maybe mine some of the early Achievement points… but that’s it.

I’m going to start Force Unleashed II and I’ve been hearing *VERY* good things about Torchlight.


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  1. I played through the first 3 levels of Force Unleashed and then i sold it at GameStop. VERY repetitive. The bosses are cheesy and it gets old fast. So disappointing considering the potential.

    • The first one was pretty dull too, gameplaywise… Storywise, however, it grabbed me and didn’t stop running.

      Rahm Kota? Awesome character. Starkiller’s development? I wanted to see what would happen next. Very much a “just 10 more minutes” game. Remember the scene with the Destroyer? It blew me away even as I was saying “oh, that can’t happen”.

      If the story is 80% as good as the story in the first one, I’ll not regret the opportunity cost.

      • What I saw of the story was decent but the gameplay was just too painful. You can amuse yourself with force-throwing stormtroopers for awhile but even that gets old. When you compare it to other great story-line games that also have fun gameplay, it’s hard to be very forgiving.

  2. Torchlight will scratch your dungeon crawler itch, if you’ve got one.
    If you’re looking for something new or interesting in the genre, you won’t find it. It’s more Diablo 1.5 than anything, but it hit me at just the right time – I was craving the original Diablo and discovered Blizzard makes it hard to get for some reason.

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