So… what are you listening to?

In my youth, I listened to “Stairway to Heaven” until I could no longer listen to Stairway to Heaven. Heck, I reached the point where “Ten Years Gone” was the only Zep song I could hear the first two notes of without screaming and then either hitting the radio channel button or crashing the car. There was one slight exception… I could listen to Dread Zeppelin.

If you’ve not heard of them, they are a reggae band that does covers of Zep songs with an Elvis impersonator for a lead singer. The first time I heard of them, I laughed because I figured that they were little more than a novelty act… Then I heard Stairway.


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  1. Music to sustain difficult coding these days:

    Husky Rescue, a Helsinki band, a fave of my daughter currently living in Turku:

    Tortoise, a Chicago band: Seneca.

    Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tango. Which is odd, it’s a rumba and it’s in Spanish, not Portuguese. Still it’s a dynamite tune for lovemaking.

    Ryuichi Sakamoto used to do this sort of synthpop back in the day. Yellow Magic Orchestra, Solid State Survivor and Nice Age. I used to play this stuff on a Korg y con gusto. Great changes.

    Jellyfish, an insanely great San Francisco band from the 90s nobody ever heard of: Joining a Fan Club

    • I love Jellyfish’s The Ghost At Number One and listened to the tape in my car until it broke.

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