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  1. So, something different. Did anyone watch the royal wedding? I found out the England had the day off for it.

    • The Hong Kong did not (guess they’ve really decided to move on from that Imperial thing), though it was a big deal on TV.

      That whole PSN thing doesn’t motivate you at all?

      • That whole PSN thing doesn’t motivate you at all?

        Here is my limitation as a blogger. I don’t feel I have anything particularly interesting to add. I mean, even if I’m the 7048th person to review Fallout 3, I think that I have a perspective on it that someone out there will glean something from.

        When it comes to the PSN network? I don’t feel like I can say anything that others haven’t said, and better, before me.

    • I remember visiting my grandpa and listening to Nana talk about how she taped the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Di.

      This made little sense to me then.

      I regret to say that I must not have not grown much as a person since.

      But I’ll try.

      Stuff I find interesting:
      Remember the “runaway bride” a few years back? Not the movie, the person. She had more bridesmaids than Princess Di did. We’ve reached a point where normal people have weddings with more rigamarole than were found in Royalty (like, in living memory).

      None of Kate Middleton’s male relatives or doctors were expected to make a public announcement of Kate’s virginity. (This was not the case at the last wedding.)

      The Church of England still says “there ain’t gonna be no smooching in front of the altar! Smooch at the reception!”

      • Well, I saw a poll that said about 50% of England had no interest ing watching the wedding. I guess you and I would be in that category.

        • I think that they felt it was their duty to say that.

          Mark my words: The numbers for the wedding will beat the numbers for the World Cup.

          • On the news down here they were reporting ex-ante estimates of over a billion people watching.

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