So… what are you playing?

I beat Portal 2 (single player) last night and was blown away by it. The complaints that it was too short have some merit, I suppose, but I found myself instead thinking “holy cow… that was *AWESOME*” as I put down the controller. So I’m probably going to tinker about with some Legendary and, maybe, Force Unleashed II. (I’m just holding my breath for LA Noire, though.)


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  1. I didn’t get through Portal2 before I had to spend some time away from my PC. It was really fantastic as far as I’ve gotten and it’s certainly already much longer than Portal was. I know I often complain about linearity in “narrative” style games but Valve knows how to do it right.

    So on the road I played through The Wonderful End of the World which was a kinda cute and short Katamari Damacy clone. Now I’ve remembered that I can run Minecraft so I’m going to dig, dig, dig.

    • I know I often complain about linearity in “narrative” style games…

      I see the linearity as analogous to the linearity of a movie or television show. It’s just that this particular show is interactive.

      …but Valve knows how to do it right.

      You hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head with that one. Your love for them will deepen by the time you finish. They topped themselves and I thought that the sequel was likely to be a poor, though well-intentioned, follow-up. Dang. It’s good.

  2. Finished DA:O and I’m back on to DA:II, playing a two-dagger rogue this time.

    • Oh, the two dagger rogue was what I played through the first time. That’s a fun one. Which personality type do you plan on adopting?

      • I’m playing snarky this time through, it seemed like a good fit for a rogue.

  3. Just stayed up until 7 in the morning finishing the newest episode of telltale’s Back to the Future adventure game. Not quite as good as the previous ep, but still lots of fun–and I can’t wait for the final episode to come out next month. plus I think I’m going to break down and buy the Jurrasic Park game too, even though I can’t really afford it.

  4. Portal 2 was a lot of fun, and I think it was worth buying. I also think that you should definitely play the first Portal before you play Portal 2; it’s sort of like watching “Firefly” before you watch “Serenity”.

    And I love the way you beat the final boss; and I also like that they don’t beat you over the head with the explanation of why it works. If you listen to the dialogue in the earlier parts of the game, they actually tell you why you’re able to do what you did; I was just thinking “hey, I wonder if I can actually do this, oh wow it worked!”

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