So… what are you listening to?

Blaise has mentioned Jellyfish more than once and with very good reason. They’re a quintessential band that split up due to “creative differences” and the stuff that they *DID* manage to stick together long enough to put out was downright phenomenal. It makes you wonder what could have been had they preferred *THIS* drug over *THAT* one… ah, such is life.

The song that I played until the tape broke was “Ghost at Number One”. I think you’ll like it too.


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  1. I also wore out the cassettes of both albums maybe a decade ago, and for some reason only replaced them last month. That second album still ranks as one of the best I have ever heard. Just phenomenal from beginning to end.

  2. Snakes and Arrows, right now. The sistah gave me Rush tickets for me birthday (early). They’ve dropped everything a register so that Geddy can still sing along, and while he’s lost quite a bit he still sounded pretty good last time I saw them.

    Of course, you’re looking at a guy who enjoyed Cab Calloway a year before he died when he couldn’t Hi De Ho much any more at all.

  3. Their song “Best Friend” is reminiscent of “Pink Thing” by XTC. Spilt Milk was a really, really good album.

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