While at the little wine shoppe last week, I also picked up a bottle of “Six Clones” because, hey, it was on sale.

I had fully planned on opening it tonight but friends stopped by and one of them had a bottle of Layer Cake (reviewed here) and he sneered at Six Clones and said that he wasn’t going to drink merlot.

Suits me.

In any case, the plans for this weekend have, so far, included a lovely dinner at a local tapas restaurant (that, sadly, is not as good as Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba┬ábut has the benefit of being open) and a lovely chat around the table about topics varied and sundry (including the “Hey Joe” chord progression). Tomorrow involves going over to Maribou’s dear friend’s house to play board games with her friend who is in from out of town, and Sunday will be devoted to, hopefully, Six Clones.

What’s on your docket? (You’ll pardon me, I have to get back to the table!)


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