So… what are you reading and/or watching?

I stopped by the local comic book store to pick up a nephew-appropriate collection of superhero stories and happened to see that the Ultimate X-Men TPB collections were 40% off. So I bought, like, 15 of them.

Edit: OH! Harry Dresden’s next book comes out on TUESDAY!!! That’s what I’m going to have read by next Sunday.


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  1. Just got Tiassa (the new Vlad Taltos book) at the library. It’s structured unusually: instead of the usual 17 chapters, there’s a first-person Vlad caper part, a third-person multiple main character part, and a Paarfi intrusively-narrated part. Great fun, so far.

  2. Finished “Matterhorn” by Karl Marlantes, a sad novel about the Vietnam War. (Have their been any happy novels about the Vietnam War?)

    And am just 100 pages into “The Final Storm” by Jeff Shaara, a novel about the WWII American island hopping in advance of a possible invasion of Japan.

    And watching as much Tosh.0 as possible.

  3. Well, been reading bits and pieces of the Fiction of Warmachine and Hordes, a game by Privateer Press. Still doing a little research on how to get the whole scoop as it seems their fiction is spread out throughout their rule books. I’m hoping my research yields a source less chaotic feeling than their army books such as novels?

    Clicked on your link for Ultimate X-men. That looks so different than what I use to read. I use to collect back in the 90s till about ’97.

    • They realized that they had 30 years worth of backstories that readers were expected to know (except, of course, for the stuff that they were expected to have forgotten).

      So they said “heck with it!” and pressed the reset button and started the stories over from the beginning only right this time.

      If you find yourself in a comic shoppe, flip through the first one.

      • Ah! That link you posted seems to point to a “volume”. Does that mean their restarted stories are already combined into “books” I can buy instead of the comics individually? At my age I’d be more interested in the story than collecting, at least that what I’m telling my wife!

        • Absolutely.

          (The store I went into had volumes 3-15 on the 40% off table and I figured that since I was going to buy them anyway, I had might as well get them On Sale. Which was their way of getting me to buy volumes 1-2 at regular price, I guess.)

  4. I’m finally finishing up some of the TV shows that fell by the wayside during the regular season. Last week alone, I finished Blue Bloods, Chase, and Fringe.

    I also watched the first episode of Suits, which seems to have a lot of the potential that Fairly Legal lacked.

  5. Finally started A Clash of Kings last night, at this rate I’ll get through A Dance With Dragons by the time the next book comes out.

    • At the rate he’s been finishing them, HBO will finish ADwD before the next one is ready.

    • Do you think you will actually be alive when he finishes the next book??

      I am reading Dance with Dragons right now. Decent book, but it has been too long and my interest in the people have waned. I think I will drop it for Ghost Story and then pick it back up.

      • His birthday is September 20th, 1948.

        Let me check my actuarial table… he’s got another 18 years and change ahead of him. Over the next seven years, his odds of dying in any given year increase from 1.5% to 2.5%. Those odds aren’t *GREAT* but they aren’t *BAD*.

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