Okay, everybody. We’re finally going to swap over to Amazon Affiliate soon.

I will do my best to make sure that everything that I recommend for you all will be stuff that I have personally played, read, watched, heard, or otherwise experienced and have said “you know, I wouldn’t mind spending hard-earned dollars on this.”

However! I also have to acknowledge something:

Maribou reviews books pretty regularly. I asked her once why she didn’t become an Amazon affiliate because I was sure that her reviews got people to buy the books that she liked. She told me that she was able to write the reviews she did because she never ever thought about their implications while writing them. The pleasure she got from someone buying a book was the pleasure of sharing a book, not the pleasure of sharing a book and getting a percentage.

Now, I’m pretty sure that my recommendations won’t be moved by my amazonian affiliation but you never know, right? So know that all of my recs, until further notice, will be as an affiliate and adjust your salt dispensers accordingly.


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  1. OK.

    But if you post something soon encouraging me to buy the new Katy Perry CD, or take a look at the upcoming Dan Brown thriller, I will know you have sold out.

    • Also, FWIW the title of this post is one of those great words that sounds so much like a euphemism for something dirty that you still kind of think it is even when you know better.

      Good word, that.

      • Isn’t “padiddle” the word you used to score points in the game where you try to call out cars with only one functioning headlight?

    • Even if the review’s “so hot it melts your popsicle”?

  2. I thought Amazon dropped all their Colorado affiliates because of the law the legislature put in place to try and collect use tax. Did that lose in court? Do not want to get political, but I am curious.

    • The money will not be going into my pocket but the pocket of the person who pays for this site.

      • Wells that right there helps. If you make nothing from this then there is nothing to help sway your position. What woudl happen if no one brought something from your recomendations? Stop paying you?

    • I don’t want to get political either, but

      The pleasure she got from someone buying a book was the pleasure of sharing a book, not the pleasure of sharing a book and getting a percentage.

      sounds vaguely unAmerican to me…

          • Well, if it wasn’t you then it was one of us who spilled that you’d married a foreigner.

          • FWIW I knew about this from your discussing the fished up experience you guys had with the fine people in charge of immigrations services.

          • OH YEAH

            I have that categorized in a completely different part of my brain than “honeybear”.

          • Hey, if Canadians don’t [redacted under Mindless Diversion’s strict “no politics” policy] as proper Americans do, then they’re foreign!

  3. Okay.

    So far I’m not thrilled with how the links break up the posts…

    Anyone with any HTML wizardry who can give advice on how to make them appear in a neat row at the bottom than a tower if, perhaps, I have more than one rec in a post?

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