Tonight, I am fixin’ to get in the car to drive down to Pueblo and we’re gonna catch the State Fair (they have these grilled chicken teriyaki strips that must be experienced). Tomorrow is weatherproofing the fence built earlier this summer and Maribou is going to watch the UFC PPV. Sunday is gaming and preparation for next week (which will be crazy and driving relatives to hospitals and all that nutty stuff).

What’s on your docket?


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  1. Helping the brother move. Roasting chili. Scraping more paint off the house. I might get some gaming in on Sunday, which will be refreshing.

  2. The Incline. If my Xbox keeps making those noises, getting a new Xbox.

      • The only sucky thing about getting a new drive, console, or both is that you have to redownload all your XBLA titles (and, in varying cases, the DLC) even if you transfer them directly from the drive. Individually, it doesn’t take long but it takes a while in whole.

        If you don’t, then anytime you can’t connect to XBL, all Arcade titles revert back to trial versions.

  3. Tossing up whether to play through Bastion again on the New Game Plus mode, or play Civ 5 for a little while.

  4. This weekend I am moving all my shit indoors, making sure I have sufficient canned goods and bottled water, and buying batteries. By the time the storm gets here, it should be a mere tropical storm, but one never knows. (We’re on the same power grid as the local hospital, so we’re hoping we wouldn’t lose power for too long in the worst case.)

    • We’re battening down as well — biggest concern at this point is power loss, thus flooded basement due to absence of working sump pumps. Luckily there’s nothing we care about down there anymore since last year’s flood.

      • My friend who works in insurance has recently been scheduled to start a couple weeks of 12-hour days.

        Good luck to all y’all back east.

        I hope you’re soon making jokes about “Hurricane Al Capone’s Vault”.

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