I have played Hulk Hogan’s Main Event and am now ready to lean into my weekend, like so many failed pin attempts.

Tonight will be devoted to Fallout: New Vegas‘s mission “Dead Money”. Oh, and something red. Mmmm.

Tomorrow will be the day that I run errands whilst my beloved bride does her homework until it comes time for us to go to the gaming group with my brand-new-still-in-the-wrapper copy of King of Tokyo.

Sunday will be spent doing laundry until it comes time for us to go to our local Blast Area and check out WWE VENGEANCE.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Um, sweetie? 5 pm on Sunday is Noah’s birthday party. And no, you can’t rush us out of there to make the pay-per-view! He looooooooooooves his uncle Jay.

  2. Last night was the school’s Fall Festival. I helped setup and tear down the A/V production on the baseball field (Iron Giant).

    Today is soccer and if we can arrange a sitter, Kitty and I are going to go see Tom play some jazz.

    Tomorrow, I begin decorating the house for Halloween.

      • Sure. He’s a musician among his other talents. I recall that he prefers blues, though, or at least that was the impression I got from our meatworld meetup.

    • Tom’s band is really enjoyable, for the record. The guys play very well together, they know how to rock a joint.

      His wife is a hoot, in the best possible definition of the term.. She and Kitty chatted the whole time we were there.

      I recommend ’em if you’re in the LA area.

  3. I have to fly out for a few weeks on Monday, so I’m going to get in some extra time with my daughter and the play the heck out of my videogames while she sleeps.

  4. So…a recap, then?

    Friday night was goalkeeper practice with son the younger, followed by some quality time with K before she flies out for the week.

    Saturday was Connor’s soccer game, followed by my own game (we both played keeper and we both got lit up!). That evening was another aborted attempt to take K out for dinner (damn life getting in the way of…well…other life).

    Sunday was building a new gate and constructing a ramp for an aging dog, followed by watching my Chiefs surprise the hell out of my by shutting out the Raiders in Oakland. And one more soccer game tonight for me.

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