Maribou and I have been married 13 years as of today. So I went through the various things that happened in the late 90’s to see what happened and all sorts of memories came flooding back… hey! Remember Chef Aid: The South Park Album? Remember The Slim Shady LP? Oh, my goodness do you remember Downward Is Heavenward???

None of those made for a particularly good “happy anniversary” kinda post, though.

I then shrugged and said “well, heck… what album was released on October 26th, 1998?”

As it turns out, R.E.M.’s Up happened to be released that day… and that album happened to have a perfect song on it.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. I’d do it all over again. In a heartbeat.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. Two students were buried up to their waists in leaves, listening to the Slim Shady EP, on the quad today.


    I mean, thank you. I love you more than anything. Happy anniversary!

  2. My father always said that the only event worth celebrating in your life was your wedding anniversary, as the others were either all entirely manufactured (Valentine’s Day?) or were utterly arbitrary and not a product of your own volition (nobody chooses their birthday).

    Congrats on the baker’s dozen!

  3. Huzzah! Congrats to both of you! It’s hard not to get a sense from the way you speak of each other (after 13 years!) that you are anything but a perfect match for one another.

    I’m already looking forward to seeing what you post in ’23 for the 25th.

    • My first draft was a story of how we met/got engaged and I realized that it wasn’t half as well-told as the story you told a few weeks back. So I had to re-write it.

      The second draft of the story focused on Depeche Mode’s song “Somebody” (excepting the last couple of lines) but the “(excepting the last couple of lines)” soured the essay. That one just got trashed.

      Anyway: Thank you!

  4. Aside: Somehow, I had never heard the song you linked here before, so I brought up iTunes to see if I had this particular album (I do not). While I was there, I noticed that I had ripped the R.E.M albums I do have at only 128-160kbps, and of course we can’t have that, so I had to pull all of my R.E.M CDs out and rerip them, which in turn led me to discover that I can’t find my copy of Automatic For the People. Now I have to figure out where that CD went, and decide if I should repurchase it if I can’t find it.

    It’s not quite “James Harrison discovering a brain tumor while getting a physical before a pending trade,” but still very important, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

    • It’s not their best album. It’s exceptionally subdued.

      That said, it is quite relaxing and makes for a great “playing in the next room while company is over” album.

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