Well, today we went up to Denver to say “has it been 10 years already???” at the place where they do all that biometric stuff for your Green Card. (It has.)

Tonight will involve ordering a pizza, playing New Vegas, watching Fringe (dude, we learned about Zerstörung durch Fortschritte der Technologie last night… my jaw hit the floor), and enjoying a little red something.

Tomorrow will be devoted to errands but, given the next few weekends all involve someone being unable to make it to game night, we will be having another game night and Maribou’s Anniversary present to me arrived and so we will be playtesting Quarriors Dice Building Game… don’t worry. A full review will be forthcoming.

Sunday will be devoted to *LAUNDRY*. How I love my Sundays when they are devoted to laundry…

So… what’s on your docket?


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      • Uh-oh. Jaybird, sorry–just realized I somehow drifted onto your site, Mindless Diversions. Understand clearly defined borders and shall withdraw immediately. I’m not sure how that happened–commenting on comments can sometimes lead on astray but have attempted to be more conscientious about that. Das tut mir Leid.

        • A good way to avoid that would be to read the post then to read the comments and then to comment on either the posts or the comments.

  1. After a 7-week hiatus I think we’ll finally be ready to pick up our Traveller campaign again today.

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