So… what are you reading and/or watching?

After I finish the errands (they kinda didn’t get done yesterday), I’ll finish the first season of Fringe
. I hope. (I’m halfway through the episode with the upside-down writing kid and they’re trying to find The Artist.)


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  1. Just finished Snuff, the new Terry Pratchett, lat night and now about midway through Reamde, the new Neal Stephenson.

  2. I tried to start reading Dick’s Lies, Inc today. I am not ashamed to say I ended up skimming the whole thing to get to the f’ing point. I might have had more patience had I read the afterword first (though I doubt it), which explains some of why it sucks. I don’t think it’s necessarily Dick’s fault. I did actually like the Valis trilogy and the Stigmata, for the record.

    • You might like Radio Free Albemuth, which is sort of a first draft of Valis. The other PKD novels I’d recommend are A Scanner, Darkly and The Man in the High Castle. He also wrote a few [1] excellent short stories, which you’ll find in any of the “best of” collections.

      1. Very few. His collected stories run to five volumes, almost all of which is apprentice or journeyman work written during his first few years as a writer.

  3. I bought the DVDs of the second season of Fringe, and have watched them through to the 12th episode. I didn’t start watching it continuously until the 3rd season, so there are parts that I’ll vaguely remember and parts that I won’t remember at all. I’m liking it a lot and am looking forward to finding out what you think about it when you get to the second season.

    Do you think it’s worth $27 to buy the first season?

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