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  1. I had the lyrics to this song stuck in my head all week and thought it odd that the only part to the song I could remember was “here comes help, here comes action, here comes Buford”.

    This explains that.

  2. Just finishing Baldur’s Gate, so I’ll be finished in time to start Skyrim on Friday.

    • Ah, Skyrim!
      I should be through with intensive professional work in mid-December. Until then, I don’t trust myself with Skyrim — it’ll make me late for court, deprived of sleep, and distracted at work.

      Maybe Santa Claus will deliver a copy of it to me as a reward for all my hard work.

        • I’m getting it at the midnight launch, coming home, installing it in the 360, going to bed, then GOING TO A WEDDING AS SOON AS WE WAKE UP.


  3. My vote for the worst song ever is the one stuck in my head. For years I was “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again”.

  4. That should have been “whichever song is stuck in my head”. The worst song changes periodically.

      • But they’re great for hiding guilty secrets from telepathic cops.

        • I LEFT my wife and forty-eight children home in bed in a starving condition without any gingerbread LEFT, LEFT, LEFT RIGHT LEFT, I LEFT my wife and forty-eight children…

  5. I am going to get into the pimping business again here.
    There’s another Humble Bundle (www.humblebundle.com); for the next eight days you can pay what you want for a bundle of the alpha for Voxatron, the Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter. It’s pay what you want and you’re able to allocate the money among the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play charity.

    Lexaloffle seems to be developing Voxatron – a 3D, sandbox Robotron-type game on the Minecraft development model of letting users pay now for the alpha and using the money to keep developing the game, alpha owners will get to keep getting the game updates through release.

    I’ve written about the Binding of Isaac before, they just released a big update to the game recently. It’s a fantastic Zelda/Robotron/horror mashup by one of the guys that made Super Meat Boy.
    It’s all I’ve been playing on my trip, I highly recommend it. It is not an exercise in frustration like SMB, but it has the same very sick sense of humor. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the sickest games I’ve ever played.

    Blocks That Matter is a platform puzzler, I’m not sure when Ill get around to trying it but it looks neat.

    So, if you’re into trying out indie games (and really, why aren’t you?), give it a shot. At worse you’re donating to charity.

    • I thought that this would be a comment about Saints Row 3.

      SMB was a game that I beat the first chapter of, got 20 seconds into chapter two, level one and turned the game off never to be turned on again… I didn’t even think about Binding of Isaac because of that.

      It’s good, then? Interesting. (I will look for it to show up on live, then?)

      • Ha, I thought that when I wrote it.
        Didn’t you get Steam when VtM: Bloodlines went on sale? BofI is written in Flash, so I don’t think it will hit Live! at all. It doesn’t need a gaming PC to run, none of the Indie games usually do.

        Completely different game from SMB, that was a precision-platformer which takes a certain kind of person to enjoy – that hilarious Super Mario rant video you posted the other day could have almost as easily been made for Super Meat Boy. I don’t get into games that punish you THAT badly.

  6. I played “Let’s utterly fail at swapping out hard drives because Sony tightened up their updates on the PS3 so it wouldn’t recognize my Western Digital even if you downloaded the system data to a USB drive and tried to boot the drive off of that.” today

    The game ended with me getting a PS3. The PS3 came with Uncharted 3 and 30 days of Plus so I can play through Hydrophobia. I suppose that isn’t a complete loss but I still feel like I lost.

  7. Just beat Super Paper Mario, just bought Arkham City. If I can beat it in under a week (the salesgirl at GameStop said she finished it in 10 hours), then I could return it for a full refund…

    • I’m a couple of hours into Arkham City and I am truly madly deeply in love. (The conversation between Batman and Bane? Pure guava.)

      • I start tonight. In the meantime I may have to avoid visits to your fine site.

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