I have some dear friends who are getting married on 11/11/11 due to how absolutely auspicious of a date it is.

Or, I suppose, they wish to make it easy to remember the anniversary.

Tonight, at midnight, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim goes on sale at my local videogamerie and I have every intention of picking it up, getting home, loading it to the 360 HD, then falling asleep as, dude, midnight is, like, waaaaay past my bedtime.

I don’t know exactly what the plan is tomorrow but it definitely involves not staying home all day (and, of course, I wouldn’t miss seeing these friends on the happiest day of their lives) and, as such, I don’t know when/if I’ll be home to update with a post about the weekend… and, since I’ve already started this one, might as well keep going.

Saturday will be devoted to a birthday party for a young’un from our tribeĀ and all of the “running around from place to place” errands.

Sunday will be devoted to going to my dear friend Fish’s house and watching the Denver Tebows beat the Kansas City Todd Haley Handshakes… and then spending the rest of the day doing that most glorious of chores: Laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. I’m going to cook up a post for tomorrow, for the record. It’ll be up on Friday sometime during the day.

    The front page post took up my writing time last night and today.

  2. Or, I suppose, they wish to make it easy to remember the anniversary.

    Of they’re big fans of All Quiet on the Western Front?

  3. Got it. (Holy cow! The line had at least 75 people in it!)

    It’s installing to the 360 as I type.

    Holy cow! It’s late!

  4. I am a bachelor this weekend, so I see quite a bit of sitting in front of a TV this weekend.

  5. Three kid soccer games, a memorial service, a poker party, a birthday celebration, and a fair amount of office work.

    I will need a weekend come Monday.

  6. There’s a vitally important football game to be watched on Saturday. Beyond that, I’l be out playing with my new backpack leaf blower and playing more Arkham City (which is definitely going to take me more than 10 hours to finish — that salesgirl at GameStop had to be lying).

    • It *MIGHT* be 10 hours if all you do is just run through the main story at a full gallop.

      I’m playing with a level of OCD appropriate for a bat-villian.

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