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  1. I’m reading Better Than Plowing, James Buchanan’s set of autobiographical essays. Also, Contending Approaches to the American Presidency by Michael Genovese (for next term’s class; but recommended for all intelligent laypersons (e.g., League readership). Also re-reading Hernando de Soto’s <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Other-Path-Economic-Answer-Terrorism/dp/0465016103&quot;The Other Path, an awesome work.

    Watching? College football. Are there other things that might be worth watching?

  2. We tried watching Melancholia last night, but didn’t make it past the 40 minute mark.

    Walking Dead finale is tonight, I’m hoping for some redemption as the last episode was truly awful.

  3. Oh, you have no idea what’s coming. It’s such, such an awesome show.

      • There were three, maybe four good episodes this season, the first was definitely among them. Tonight’s finale was pretty good, too.

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