So our very own Dr. Saunders asked “So, what do you like that marks you as a foreigner or cultural outlier?” and, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything. Well, not anything worth commenting about, anyway.

And then it hit me:

I used to have Jesus hair and wear embroidered shirts! I used to listen to hippie music! I used to listen to neo-hippie music!

And that got me thinking about Maggies Dream. This was the band put together by Draco Rosa and if you say “hey, I remember him, wasn’t he in Menudo?”, you should know that yes! He was! This is that guy! He made another band! It was neo-hippie! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Anyway, while I remember the album fondly, I only remember two of the songs without having listened to it since, oh, 1991 or thereabouts. This is one of them.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. Dizzy Gilespie- Afro-Cuban Moods
    Friends of Dean Martinez- all four of their albums. They are instrumental groups with a million influences: cinematic themes, surf, post rock, lounge, ambient, americana, etc. The guys from Calexico used to be in the band. Great southwestern band.

  2. ‘…Draco Rosa and if you say “hey, I remember him, wasn’t he in Menudo?”, you should know that yes! He was!’

    I… okay, you win.

    I can’t top that. I also can’t stop laughing.

  3. A little while ago?

    Two women asking me to join their bible study.

    This was a unique experience for me as a homeowner.

  4. What I was listening to a few days ago was the “ding” sound of getting the trophy for finding all 440 riddler trophies. 🙂

    No, it really wasn’t worth it.

      • Often with video games, as with books, when I get to the end I have a hard time accepting that it’s really over. Trophy hunting is a way to say goodbye slowly.

        Even after I finished that, I still zipped and flew around the city for a while, unable to accept that there really wasn’t anything else left to do.

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