You’re Not Sick, You Just Can’t Think of Anything Good To Do

So I’ve been under the weather for an extended period… not in a life-or-limb threatening way, don’t worry about that, but in a “not getting enough sleep and ergo my brain is pudding and is not firing on all cylinders”.

I need something to write about to dislodge the log jam.  Suggestions?  Requests?

Also, a Free Thursday offering:



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    • (Sorry if the link flirts with the “no religion” rule. Offered for musical beauty, not devotional content.)

      • I had a vid of Bobby McFerrin and his audience doing Ave Maria a while back. Music is cool. I just want to avoid the whole “THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS START COUNTING DOWN ON CHRISTMAS!” vs “THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CULMINATE ON CHRISTMAS!” kinda arguments.

    • I posted a couple of glass harp vids, but not that specific link. You might have found your way there from the post, tho.

  1. If you’re having writer’s block you should pick up a book, any book, and begin transcribing it from the last page and keep going until it breaks the logjam. Mark the page and save the file for next time you have writer’s block because you’ll pick up the same book, start from the last point and continue until you have something to write about.

    Then again, just write. Writer’s block, IMHO, is just saying “I’d love to be known as a writer but I don’t have a passion for the craft.” Don’t let your butt get in your way.

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