Well, I’m lucky enough to have a four-day weekend and every day will be full of friends and family.

Gaming Friday night with the gaming group (“should we do anything special for the holidays?” “oh, please no”), Saturday with Mom to have a special Christmas Dinner with just us and her, Sunday spent with the entire family so we can spoil our nephews, and Monday will allow us to slow down and get ready for Tuesday’s being back to work (during the week where nobody else will be there!).

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Healthy me was supposed to be unloading the car at the hotel right about now; unfortunately Hannah hit 102 on the temp-o-meter last night and our departure for New Mexico is postponed a day.

    I don’t mind telling the Internet, because I have a house-sitter 🙂

    Anywho, barring some sort of extension of disease (which at the moment seems unlikely, as she’s chipper as can be), we’re packing up and leaving at o’-dark thirty tomorrow AM and trying to power through the whole drive, which is icky.

    • Good luck. Colorado Springs got hit pretty good by the snowstorm… I understand that New Mexico got *SLAMMED*.

      Be safe.

      • So did Denver. Thus, I am stranded in Salt Lake City tonight.

        Salt Lake City is actually a good city to be stranded in. Chains everywhere (you hear that about a lot of places, but seriously I have never seen any place like SLC as far as this goes), so you never have to venture to the unrecognized.

        And the city itself just as such an intuitive design. If Steve Jobs ever were to design a city, it would be Salt Lake City.

        • Dunno. Jobs didn’t really seem like the type to fill a city with Mormons.

          • Had no idea you were born there! I actually drove down to SLC to fly out, so I had access to my car, which was nice. It allowed me to make a trip to the bank, get some food, etc.

        • Free tours of the temple leave from the airport on an ongoing basis. Also known as free taxi ride, if you don’t have luggage.

  2. Working friday until 9pm, and then catching the last half of a holiday party with some gaming buddies.

    Christmas eve at my grandparents’.

    Then Christmas morning with my boyfriend’s mom and stepdad. This will be my first time at one of his family events, so I’m a little bit nervous.

  3. Work today (I ran out of vacation time at Thanksgiving). Family over for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. The usual on Sunday. Hopefully absolutely nothing but pj’s and coffee on Monday.

  4. Because of various reasons, this will be the first Christmas that will just be the four of us. No family or friends joining our table (or bar) tomorrow or Sunday. I’m finding that it’s making me a little melancholy. We hadn’t even discussed menu until late last night. (We decided on lamb chops or rack of lamb on the Eve, despite Ethan’s post this week. And going to do our first ever homemade Jewish Christmas supper for Chrstmas Day… which is to say we will be making Chinese food.)

  5. Let’s see, had to unexpectedly transition our toddler to a real bed tonight, then weekend visiting family.
    Sadly, no gaming whatsoever for me, I’ll be trying to make up for it by enjoying the occasional Old-Fashioned (now using Old Grand-Dad bourbon, thanks to whoever mentioned that back when we were discussing cocktails!

  6. Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary tonight with the wife. Christmas Eve will be dinner at the in-laws. Should it get too crowded I’m going to leave before I get overwhelmed from the social contact. For Christmas I’m going to my sister-in-law’s place which should prove to be pleasant and on Monday I’m not doing a consarned thing.
    One running theme is going to be avoiding technology like computers, television, etc. during daylight hours or 8 p.m.. Life is far more enjoyable without the hustle and bustle of the internet demanding my undivided attention.

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