Ain’t it odd the only time that you say “the weekend’s here? Already?” is when you’re on deadline?

I suppose that people who are on vacation might say it too.

Well, my week off was where all of the last few months finally caught up with me and I got sick and so just had to sit around and not do anything. Ideally, this is what I would have done anyway but doing it because you can’t do anything else makes relaxation feel an obligation. Enough whining! The point is that I am feeling better enough to suspect that I will be feeling better tomorrow… better enough to do the chores that were scheduled for today.

Saturday will be spent running to Costco and the grocery store and Sunday will be devoted to emotional preparation for the return to normalcy that will be Monday.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Nothing. My plans fell through and it will be a lazy weekend with the familly.

  2. Our youngest turns 29 tomorrow and is having a party here so the house will be full of young people with much more energy than I have. Then we get to watch the Saints whup up on the Lions. Sunday will be cleaning up for the BCS game on Monday. Monday we watch the Tigers whup up on that batch of miscreants from east of here. Hopefully my dreams will come true.

  3. Laundry (actually folding the stuff that I’ve been ignoring all week), moving railroad ties to cover the spots where Pogo has helpfully demonstrated he might be able to dig under the fence, football, and Dragon Age.

    • What is the issue with folding laundry? Is it the activity is too time consuming or just monotonous? It is like men are allergic or something.

    • It’s actually my wife who’s “allergic” to it! She’d be perfectly happy living out of a laundry basket. I, on the other hand, don’t like wearing wrinkled clothes. I’m just really good at finding things to do which aren’t folding clothes!

      • Clothes should only be in the laundry basket long enough to get from the dryer to the table/couch where you’re folding laundry.

        Clothes should only sit in piles long enough for you to fold them and carry the folded pile to the dresser wherein they rightfully live.

        All else is utter chaos and the realm of the fascist communists.

        • Ok, maybe you boys are the exception to the rule. Geez Patrick, even I am a little more laxidasical than that.

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