A couple of weeks ago, as I was reading Joe the Barbarian (recommended here), Maribou was reading A God Somewhere. As she finished, she told me to read it and that I’d really like it. I’m about 10 pages into it and so far, so good. Additionally, I’ve restarted Fringe Season Two (and have just finished the episode where the three people with schizophrenia were cured overnight) and find my sense of dread growing even as the episodes keep getting better.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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    • Many of the shows I grew up with had a fairly straightforward (if not downright populist) notion of good vs. evil when it came to the protagonist and his interactions with the antagonists.

      Fringe has more of the “competing interests” thing going on.

          • You should seriously keep us updated on your watching of the show.

            On a sidenote, the Walter/Walternate difference is really a credit to Noble’s acting ability. There’s never any doubt which one you are looking at (and not because of differences in accessories, which they have to use for others).

          • Well, I just finished the Edina (aka “A diner” with a Massachusetts accent) episode.

            I have not yet met the other universe’s Walter but there was the moment in the previous episode (or the one before that?) where he (no spoilers) re-integrated, for lack of a better phrase, for a moment.

            When he looked at the guy and said “You.”, I said to myself “that scientician guy is the baddest man on the planet”.

  1. Cleaning house all day. In between tasks I’m reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.

    • That’s a fun one. Tangentially related, the Boyfriend and I just finished watching Sherlock series 2.

      Right now, I’m reading Locke & Key vol 1. The boyfriend already owns 2 and 3 (which I’ve read), but he had borrowed 1 from a friend. My desire to read the first volume finally overcame my desire to keep cash in my wallet.

      • I just watched Sherlock on Friday. I’m not usually into shows that they throw way too much money at, but it wasn’t bad.

          • I didn’t say they were throwing the money away. They did get a product after all. I just said they were using too much money for what the product is.

            According to Wiki (I only use that for lack of another source) the original Sherlock pilot spent 800,000 GBP which is over 1 million USD! Then they didn’t even air the pilot and requested a reshoot! That is a waste of money in my book. My favorite director/writer/actor Kevin Smith made Clerks for less than $28,000 (shot in 21 days and used credit cards for the funds) and grossed over $3 million. Although the sequel Clerks II was budgeted a bit more at about $5 million it still turned a huge profit. I digress. I am not stressing the difference between budget and gross profit. My point is simple; you don’t need a huge budget to make a great movie (or tv show).

          • Don’t be impressed. I only needed to look up the info on Sherlock. I know the rough numbers on Clerks because I have a huge crush on Mr. Smith. Yes, I have seen him. He may not be the most physically attractive person, but he makes me laugh.
            Kevin also states it’s not the box office sales that matter as much as the income from DVDs and whatnot. Not sure exactly which numbers really matter in television, but it appears that Sherlock has a large portion (averages about 25-30%) of the audience for their time slot. The DVDs for Sherlock are cheap so I imagine they sell easily.

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