So I have decided, why not, to host a book club of our own here on Mindless Diversions. Except, in true Mindless Diversionary style, it won’t really involve reading much at all. It will, instead, focus on the television show Fringe. Here’s my idea: every week on Tuesday for the foreseeable future, we’re going to discuss one (or two? or three?) episodes. I’ll have a post with my thoughts, we’ll have discussion in the comments, and the general assumption will be that anyone who is reading the post and leaving comments will have watched, at least, the episodes we’re discussing.

We’ll try to plow through Season One and, if that’s successful, we’ll try to plow through the seasons that followed. Sound good?

Well, if you don’t have it, you can get it from Amazon for $22.00 here (they have a blu-ray version available for $29.95).

The plan for next week will be that, by Monday Night/Tuesday Morning, everyone will have watched the Pilot (Which is also available on iTunes and Amazon Instant).

We can then discuss it! That sounds fun, right? The Mindless Diversions Book Club! No Reading Required!

So… that’s my recommendation for you this week.


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  1. Scared me there for a second. Thought you were actually going to go on about Oprah.

    • If she’s interested in an interview, I am available.

      That said, I’m not really sure about how much her target audience and mine would overlap in a Venn Diagram.

    • Netflix only has Fringe on DVD. You can’t stream it.

      Hulu only has last 4 or 5 most recent episodes.

      • My bad. In that case, may I also recommend public libraries, which have stuff like this these days.

        Also, Jay, I assume there will be a rule about spoilers beyond where we are in the club?

  2. Seasons 1&2 are also available at Target as a set for $39.99 plus applicable local taxation; I picked the pack up this weekend and am very much looking forward to this.
    One could dip their toes in the water by trying out an episode or two via Amazon’s watch instantly or iTunes as well, but then you’re still stuck buying the whole thing at full price should you like it enough to keep going.

    I’d be in favor of more than one episode per week, it’ll take months to get through a season at the one per week rate (20 episodes!) and even those getting DVDs via Netflix can watch several episodes per disc and be certain of getting another one by the next week.

      • Actually, that’s *FOUR* episodes per week. That’s 4 hours.

        *I* could pull that off (and have) but that’s quite a time commitment even for me and I don’t have kids and relatively little insanity in my life.

        Two episodes? That seems doable…

          • Sure. If you don’t have to go to the bathroom and if the phone doesn’t ring and if you don’t have to check the League to see if anybody’s gotten in a fight and you don’t have to get a bowl of ice cream and if you don’t have to…

          • Try holding it, don’t answer, we should all be nicer, bring the whole damn carton with you to the TV before you start.

            But yeah, I see your point.

          • A future conversation from the basement in the Birdhouse/Catada.

            “Sweetie, press pause. I have to go to the bathroom.”
            “Try holding it.”

          • I suspect you are smart enough not to engage in that type of conversation JB. Not if you ever want to finish what you are watching anyway.

          • Well, we won’t have that conversation NOW, because he thought it was so funny he made sure I read it right! now! … so it would be stale. But it’s pretty much par for the course. Apparently I’m cute when infuriated.

            (Over on my friendfeed page, I actually run me-and-him conversations on a regular basis. They all really happened! cf. http://friendfeed.com/mariannealdrich/d89db5d7/me-guess-what )

          • Why is it men think women are cute when they are mad? Almost every man I have been romantically involved with has said that to me. It’s a wonder why those relationships didn’t work out.

          • Oh, *ANGRY* angry isn’t particularly enjoyable.

            But the whole “I can’t believe I set up that particular joke for him” facial expression is, seriously, one of my favorites.

  3. What about NetFlix? Is it there? Just sayin’ because I do have access to alternative avenues but they aren’t entirely reliable.

  4. This has motivated me to finally buy the Season 1 box set (already had Season 2). I’ve watched the pilot and the second episode and am loving it so far.

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