To quote Patrick:

“Holy crap, tomorrow is Friday?”

Indeed it is.

I called in sick today and hope that tomorrow will be better. I made it through my antibiotics regime but… you know what, the doctor said “I’ll give you an optional refill… if you feel 100% better, you don’t have to get it. If, however, you still feel awful? I want you to continue the regimen.”

Seriously, I’m *THIS* close to getting a Neti Pot.

But what’s the point of complaining? Life is too short. We should spend it enjoying the things that are worth enjoying rather than complaining about our humors.

However, my humors are kicking my butt. This means that this weekend will be low-key and spent attempting to revitalize them. (I found a spell online that revitalizes humors but I’m going to avoid casting it and drinking the resulting potion. It’s mostly yoghurt, cucumber, and walnuts with a handful of spices. Might as well drink tzatziki.) The usual chores and laundry will apply for Friday and Saturday and I understand that there is a sporting event on Sunday that I should watch.

What’s on your docket?


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    • Yeah, I know about that. I’m not planning on using anything but bottled water if I reach the point of irrigation.

      • I know some people who have had good experiences with irrigation, but when I was miserable (from allergies, not illness) last year, I tried one. It’s sometimes hard to tell how effective treatment is, because I have good and bad days anyway (and good and bad years), but I as far as I could tell it didn’t help significantly.

      • I have allergies and the Neti pot really helps don’t have to take as many antihistimines.

        Saturday flying to Doha, Qatar for a job interview.

        • Very little pollen in the desert, so you have that going for you.

        • Awesome, Anne! Good luck. Hope you get some sleep on the flight over–the jet lag with that time difference is a bitch.

          • Thanks James I have been toying with trying to stay up the whole flight to get on local time and sleep when I get there. My interview is the next day.

          • I do that now to adjust when I go to Hong Kong.
            In my experience, it works if you arrive in the evening or have the stamina/willpower to stay awake all day upon arrival after already being up 24 hours when you get there.

            If you do not, it can be pretty disastrous for you when you find yourself unable to sleep once it’s dark or you crash at 3PM and wake up at midnight.
            Also, if you’re coming right back after, I hope you’re giving yourself some downtime to get your body back on schedule. Most people I know are in awful shape if they make their bodies adjust twice over a short time period, I usually end up getting pretty sick for a week or two in addition to the insomnia when I get home.

          • Plinko get in 6pm Qatar time so should be fine unfortunately returning Wed. and have to work Thursday so we shall see how I do

      • ya want slightly salted, trust me.

        Nasal irrigation is GREAT for hay fever. HORRID for dust mites. If you can GET AWAY from the allergies, use it as soon as you get indoors. If ya can’t? sucks, get an air filter (IQ Air has great ones)

  1. Watching Fringe, of course!

    Saturday I will be attending my friend’s surprise party for his 50th.

    Sunday I am expecting that little sporting event to draw people indoors, so I will be making a trip to the big city to take advantage of a usually popular place. It would be great to have a little elbow room.

    • Screw it, the weather is going to be nice. I will be getting on my bike for the first time in months (even if I have to cancel all other plans). I want it do bad I can taste it.

  2. Yesterday I was furious that it was Thursday not Friday.

    Now it’s Friday and I have to meander through this day and pretend to actually work.

    Superbowl Sunday friends are coming down to play the games we didn’t play that weekend we expected them in the first place. Also we’ll check the Superbowl on an irregular basis.

  3. Getting ready to go to Houston on Sunday. Ugh, it is my least favorite city.

    • Pay attention to the clock.

      I was at a charity tournament last Friday and I missed going to the final table because I wasn’t paying attention to how much time was left. Missed out on chip count.

  4. I just got my numbers for the “big game” pool (I can’t believe that they go after people who say “superbowl”… you’d think they’d *WANT* that term out there everywhere).

    This is NFC/AFC


    (I took the corners)

    My bookie tells me that these are great numbers to have.

    • I am not a fan of 5s. You got two good pairings with them, thouhg.

      The 0/1 and the 3/1 are both awesome to have.

      • The particular game we play also has four additional payouts for running yards, passing yards, time of possession, and something else.

        (knock wood)

        The corners have been good to me for the last 3 years.

    • Wanna know what’s irritating?

      Safety in the first quarter and the guy who got 1/7 *STILL* wins the pool.

  5. Sporting event on Sunday? But the Elimination Chamber doesn’t happen ’til the 19th! What planet are you living on?

  6. A list of honeydews & a dinner party on Sat, watching my hardcore Pats fan son put his heart out there to be dashed or driven to ecstasy on SUnday

  7. I have jury duty on Monday so the weekend will be spent studying up on jury nullification and contemplating how weird I can dress Monday without getting a comtempt of court charge.

  8. Adjusting to life without my son. Thank you Todd for all you’ve done for me.

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