Still watching Fringe in my free time. (Just watched the episodeĀ in Season 3 thatĀ had all of the bugs in it. EEEEWWWW!!! Followed by “HOLY CRAP!!!!!”)

Speaking of which, our Homework! this week was to watch Ability (YAY!!! More Mister Jones!!!) Inner Child (YAY!!! They remembered a plot point from earlier in the season!!!).

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. I hope to have something mailed out to you. Apologies for the delay but even mailing something is a little too dear for our household.

  2. Reading _Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors_ by Nicholas Wade. It’s a good read on humanity’s progression out of Africa and across the world and rarely gets too far into the weeds.

    Watching the NCAA Tournament, and currently tied for 7th in the Gent’s pool. Rock Chalk!

  3. Incognegro, by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece, is really good. You should see if someone you know has a copy you can borrow :). Mostly I’m reading homework, which is a lot less fun. Thank god for _Psych_…. and laundry to put away, so I have an excuse to watch it….

  4. I’m watching Once Upon a Time and the last thing I read was Love You Forever to my son. It freaks him out because I can’t get through without crying.

  5. Still reading Dracula. I think I’m just about to that point in the book where instead of reading a chapter or two at a time, I’ll have to read the rest in one night.

    Watching: Community is back! Yay!

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