Here’s a peek behind the veil:  Jaybird emailed me last night and asked me to write a post for today, ’cause he was feeling non-creative after Wrestlemania, and I said, “Sure, but I’ll have to put it up tomorrow morning” on account of I was  busy hacking up the second half of my remaining lung.

Jaybird has apparently decided in his head that today’s post must go up yesterday, (I’m more  of a “today’s post has to go up before the end of tomorrow kind of guy”), so he went ahead and wrote a great post that almost makes me want to watch wrestling.  Wait, let me rephrase that, I don’t mind wrestling.  He wrote a post that almost makes me want to *pay* to watch wrestling.

But I had the night to percolate and since I thought at the time I was going to deliver today’s content, my brain actually focused in on something that I think is a worthwhile topic.  However, since today isn’t tomorrow and yesterday was today, I’m going to post today’s post tonight so that it counts as tomorrow’s.  And if you followed all that, you’re on too many cold remedies like me.

Anywho, Jaybird, you get today off.  And by today, I mean tomorrow.



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  1. I’ll put the post behind the veil and you can publish it when you feel like it needs to be set free or you need a night off, whichever comes first, how’s that sound 🙂

      • It’s publishable whenevs.

        I don’t feel quite done with it, but I’m not sure what else to do to it, either. I might edit it before you post it if you don’t post it before I edit it, but you can post it before I edit it and I won’t feel like it was posted before it should be edited.

          • I’m hardly ever pleased with anything until it’s out there and people respond to it in interesting ways. And then I’m not always a good judge, before hand, what’s going to get that response.

            At any rate, Mr. Jaybird, you have the conn.

        • It’s publishable whenevs.

          This post did not leave me with the impression that publishability is strictly necessary.

          • I refuse to accept taunts regarding my literary qualities from someone who doesn’t submit guest posts.

            So there. (sfx: raspberry)

    • Be careful of what you wish for.
      It could well be Thera-Flu.

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