I’ve been picking up on Maribou’s frequencies far, far too much the last couple of weeks. Mass Effect 3? AUGH REQUIRES TOO MUCH BRAIN! Dark Souls? AUGH REQUIRES TOO MUCH BRAIN! Witcher 2? AUGH REQUIRES TOO MUCH BRAIN! So I settled down last night with Assassin’s Creed Revelations and… oh my… Ezio remains quite the smooth operator.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. Kingdom Rush on my Macbook since my desktop has been dedicated to my lovely wife’s job search for the past few weeks, so no Dragon Age: Awakening and no Torchlight.

  2. I…. I …. I could play something! (whoa.) something other than facebook distractions! (double whoa.) maybe next week. 😀 *settles in with that dumb D&D facebook game again*

  3. It’s amazing to me that everyone (my work friends, too, mostly) has left Skyrim so long ago. I’m level 72, just became a werewolf, and I own every available house in the game. I’m still having a great time, because whenever I get tired of playing the character one way (e.g. sneaky with a dagger) I can just switch to another (eg little armor, all magic). So, I’m gonna play me some Skyrim.

    However, following the recent death of our BluRay player, we did purchase a PS3 today and I bought God of War III to see how the console works. I haven’t played with a joystick in almost two years, and even then it was a Wii. So, maybe movies tonight.

    But first, Avanchnzel, prepare to be invaded by Skyrim’s most famous gay werewolf archmage…

    • Got Skyrim about a month ago and I’m still loving it. I canz be werewolf? Didn’t know that — awesome! (Is it as big a pain in the butt as being a vampire?)

    • I had too many marathon sessions. “Okay, I will go to bed after I find the next 2 masks.”

      And then, next thing you know, you have all of the masks.

    • Oh, I should also mention, on the PS3 network there is a game called “Flower”.

      You deserve this game.

      • I have heard of Flower. I didn’t remember it was on PS3.


        Bed now tho. Level 73, Avanchnzel behind me ( I think that’s a brilliant name–40 years from now, I won’t remember a damn thing about this game except “i was a werewolf in AHVAHN-CHENZELL”

        But we did watch Wrath of Khan tonight on the PS3. O.M.G. still such a thrill.

        JB, did I mention Auditorium to you here? Cheap enough that it was worth a try for me, and I was very pleased. Steam game; like nothing I’ve ever played.

  4. I gave my old copy* of Shadows of Yserbius a try. It was one of the very earliest MMORPGs, from Sierra—they also sold a standalone version, which is what I’ve been playing. I can’t believe I never realized at the time how awful this game was. I’m at level 13 now (out of I don’t know what you need to beat the game because I never did—pretty sure I got up to 50 or so) back then), and I’ve already had to do quite a bit of heavy grinding to get that far. I’ve also already reached the point where gold is simply not an issue. I’ve bought all of the (fairly weak) equipment available for gold, and there’s nothing left to buy but consumables, and they’re cheap enough that it’s piling up much faster than I can spend it. Exploring the dungeon is kind of fun, except for the high encounter rate and the grinding needed to advance.

    It’s really obvious that this game was designed to be paid for by the hour.

    *That’s a lie. Even if I hadn’t lost it years ago, the diskettes would almost certainly have deteriorated by now. I…outsourced the data restoration to a third-party website.

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