Holy cow, is today Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, summer is more or less officially here, kinda. Maribou’s classes are behind her, her grades are in (As, natch), and work is doing this weird “eye of the hurricane” thing where we know it’s going to get crazy any minute now… but not yet.

So, tonight, we’re going to have cocktails.

Saturday, we’re going to be running our errands and our D&D DM will *FINALLY* finish up our storyline we’re running in 4th Edition… and, if we have 15 minutes at the end of the night, we’re going to dust off our old Harry Dresden characters and get ready for Colorado Springs and maybe we’ll figure out what’s *REALLY* going on with all of those green crosses popping up all over town…

Sunday will be spent doing chores around the house and an internal debate will be held to see if we want to go to the WWF PPV at our local blast zone on Sunday Night. Because, seriously, it’s been a rough week. Sitting at home and doing nothing has serious upsides too.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. My parents are coming out to visit me (I’m at grad school on the opposite side of the country and haven’t seen them since Christmas) and we’re going to spend a week exploring Ontario, since I haven’t seen much beyond Ottawa and Toronto. Have been really looking forward to it; it’s amazing how lonely you can get for family in a short time.

    Also, you read the Dreden Files!? I love those books. What’s happening in Colorado Springs?

    • Oh, yes. The Dresden Files are huge here (and, indeed, are part of the inspiration for this very blog).

      There is a Dresden RPG (tabletop game) that my gaming group plays. The setting is Colorado Springs… What with there being five military bases here, more Christian Organizations than any other city in the world, MMJ storefronts opening up every 75 feet, and Manitou (rumored to have the 2nd highest number of ley lines intersecting in the country), we figured that Colorado Springs was the perfect gaming setting.

      Also, it’s nice to say that “the Hooters at the Citadel has a minor forgetfulness charm cast on it… no one will remember you going there, no one will remember seeing you there, no one will remember you eavesdropping on them there” and everybody knows exactly how the scene is set.

        • I’m sure that your hometown, wherever it is, has some really wacky local legends.

          The old monastery, the foundry, the quarry. You’ve got *SOMETHING* in your neck of the woods.

          • My old hometown is awesome for that. The Rosicrucian museum. The Winchester Mystery House.

          • Oh man, WCM is fun. I’m strongly considering it for a later adventure in my Ravenloft: Masque of Red death FATE game. They may be heading over to California after they deal with the aftermath of Sherlock Holmes’s death and investigate the rumors of a ghost at the Opera Garnier.

  2. Visiting a neighboring state for the weekend. I wanted to put it off for Memorial Day weekend, but whatever. Excited to see my old pals from school and hang with family.

    I think it is so funny when you boys say natch.

  3. FIELD DAY TOMORROW! YAYYYY!!!! (sarcasm)

    “The Avengers” on Saturday. Maybe a HH tonight. We shall see. One of the calmer weekends in a long time, actually.

    • Oh, I saw The Avengers last night in 3D. It irritates me when I like movies that cost so much money to make. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan/supporter of the performing arts, but that seems like a lot of money that could have used for other things. It’s estimated budget was $260 million!

        • I’m going to say yes, but you should know that I’m spoiled. I live near an awesome one screen movie house and it only cost me $8.50 to see a 3D movie at 7:00 pm. If I had to pay $15 or something, I would probably say no.

        • Having seen it in 3D I’d say go 2D. The 3D version was much too dim, and I don’t think the 3d really added anything.

  4. Little League festival tomorrow, also Jack’s team party.

    Sunday, pick out colors for Hannah’s bedroom.

    Actually, a pretty low-key weekend, thank heavens.

  5. I brewed a porter last weekend and overshot my gravity. So I pulled off about 2½ gallons and put it off to the side. Half of that (OG 1.076) will be bottled when it’s ready, and the other half with get spiked with some bugs I’ve been growing from an Orval bottle for about three years now. The other, I topped off with new water for 4½ gallons.
    I just got the rest of my mead from last year out of the fermenter, and I’m getting ready to start a new batch the old cake later this evening.
    Thinking about changing the plugs in the truck. Depends on the weather this weekend.

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