One of the problems that I have when it comes to music is that I listen to this song and it makes me want to listen to that song and it makes me want to listen to this other song and I don’t spend enough time listening to the song I’m listening to but looking forward to hearing the next one.

A life lesson in that, perhaps.

In any case, one thing that always surprises me when I go looking for it is how much overlap there is between little things that, otherwise, I would have thought never overlapped. Like, oh, Talking Heads’ Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) and David Bowie’s Heroes. Precious little overlap, right? Well, both were produced by Brian Eno (who has pretty much been on my mind since listening to Roxy Music the other day… and, yeah, I know that Eno was gone from Roxy by the time that Siren came out… I was thinking about him anyway)… which made me start to wonder “which Brian Eno song do I want to play?” We’re almostĀ a week late for “Music for Airports”, after all. Then I found this and it made me laugh:

Heh. I listened to that a dozen times. That’s not this week’s song, however.

In listening to that, I found myself thinking a great deal about U2… and, then, of course, I found out that he produced them as well. That tiny piece of knowledge allowed me to stop thinking about U2, sit, enjoy the rest of the song and, most importantly, listen to *IT*, rather than thinking about the next one.

Which is nice, sometimes.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. I’ve mostly been listening to Gary Puckett compilation recently. I think I bought it mostly on the strength of the vaguely-creepy-but-pretty-catchy-if-you-don’t-think-too-hard (actually, that describes a lot of their songs) Lady Willpower but there are a lot of great songs on there, my favorite being the cover of the Bee Gees’ To Love Somebody. I also pulled out my copy of Bobby Darin’s In a Broadway Bag, mostly for his excellent cover of Once Upon a Time.

    And for something you’ve almost certainly never heard before, Ryo Aska’s Cry.

    On the topic of music, I’ve been wondering about something lately: Without actually going back and doing a random sampling, would you say that the stronger part of a song is usually the verse, or the chorus?

  2. Thanks to James K.’s Friday Jukebox, I’ve been listening to Lenka throughout the week. I also stumbled upon this super cute lyric video of Maroon 5’s Payphone, which I fell in love with because it is a comic, and then I’ve been hearing them every time I turn on the radio. Weird. They may be a little too popular.

    • Viking Metal. There’s an odd underlying something to that kind of music, I think… the closest comparison to come to mind is some variant of Southern Rock and Roll. If Southern Rock were more growly, of course.

  3. ambient eno is so much better than non-ambient eno it feels like a conspiracy.

    been listening to a lot of demdike stare lately. it’d be interesting to hear them produced by eno, though i’d probably prefer 1980s production eno to the modern baldy version.

    their videos are fun, but not all are sfw, being mostly sewn together from 70s euro horror flicks.

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